Terms & Conditions

Self-isolation 2020

1.1 By submitting an application for the competition, you hereby accept all the conditions of this competition.

1.2 You must be over 18 to participate in the competition.

1.3 The application must be submitted no later than the deadline indicated on the grant website (http://grant.gallvic.com/)

1.4 This grant is open to both professional and aspiring photographers from any country in the world.

1.5 By participating in the contest, you agree and confirm that Y Grant is allowed to receive and view your registration data. Participants agree that personal data, including but not limited to name, postal address, telephone number and email address, may be collected, processed, stored and otherwise used for the purpose of this grant. At any time, participants have the right to access, view, correct or cancel any personal data stored in Y Grant by sending an email to the following address: info@grant.gallvic.com


2.2 To take part in the competition you must send your application on the page URL http://grant.gallvic.com/iump-account-page/?ihc_ap_menu=my_project

2.3 The application for a grant is free. There is no participation fee.

2.4 One applicant may submit only one application for the filing cycle and for only one category.

2.5 All applications must be submitted in Russian or English only.

2.6 Applications are submitted only through the online form in your account on the grant website.

2.7 After filing the application, changes in the content are not allowed. Y The grant is not responsible for misdirected materials.

2.8. The application consists of several elements: applicant data, author biography, title of the work.

2.9 The resolution of the photo should be from 1600 pixels to 1800 pixels on the larger side.

2.10 Only one photograph is allowed per application.

2.11 Images must be submitted by the author. Any applicant receiving a grant based on images taken by someone else will be required to pay the full amount of the grant in Y Grant and, of course, will lose the title of Y Grant Fellow.

2.12 Photograph should be taken in 2020.

3.1 All applications will be reviewed and pre-checked by our editors and a group of industry professionals. Selected works are then reviewed by our jury. The jury will select the nominees.

3.2 Out of the total number of nominees for the grant, only one winner will be selected. The decisions of the jury are final.

3.3 Winning photos can be posted at future exhibitions, art venues, festivals around the world, as well as on the websites of Y Grant (http://grant.gallvic.com/) and Gallery Visual Culture (http://gallvic.com /). ), as well as in our official accounts on social networks. Each photographer retains the copyright for their images, and each photographer will be assigned the appropriate credit lines when Y Grant provides them elsewhere.

3.4. The full name of the participant whose work is selected by the winner or finalist will be published on the Internet.

3.5 Cash prize (in the presence of) will be paid electronically (PayPal or transfer to a bank card). Any transfer fees will be deducted from the winnings.

3.6. No cash alternatives are offered.

4.1 Y Grant reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove any photo that does not meet the following requirements, even after the photo appears on the website. In relation to the photographs you provide, you guarantee the following:

4.1.1. You are the sole copyright owner and creator of the photographs.

4.1.2. You have the right to submit your photos for this contest.

4.1.3. As far as you know, photographs do not contain any violating, threatening, false, offensive, libelous, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or worldly content.

4.1.4. As far as you know, photographs do not contain any material that could represent or encourage behavior that would be considered a criminal offense, entails civil liability or otherwise violates any law.

4.1.5. The photo does not violate the copyrights, trademarks, contractual rights or any other intellectual property rights of any third party or organization, nor does it violate the right of any person to privacy or publicity, and your photo does not include: trademarks owned by third parties. Copyrighted materials are the property of third parties. names, similarities or other characteristics identifying celebrities or other public figures, living or dead. Records in which you have acquired or obtained rights to use the images.

4.2. You agree to fully return to Y Grant all fees, payments and any other money due to any person in connection with your violation of any of the foregoing.

4.3. You confirm that each person depicted in the photograph has given permission for the image, and you have the right to grant this permission. Any costumes, parts or other materials used must be rented or borrowed with the permission of the owner. In addition, all other necessary appropriate permits must be obtained.

4.4. Images that are “news” photographs, reportages, photojournalism or documentary photographs should be consistent with the ethical principles of the National Association of Press Photographers (https://nppa.org/code-ethics) in general, as well as the ethical reach of children proposed by UNICEF ( https: //www.unicef.org/eca/media/ethical-guidelines). No person or object can be added, rearranged, modified, distorted or deleted from the photo. If images are provided, this should be clearly indicated in written statements and signatures. It is important to always consider the ethical considerations of photography.

5.1. Y Grant confirms that you retain full ownership of each photograph you submit.

5.2. Not all photos submitted to the contest will be published on Y Grant and in the Visual Culture gallery. Photos on sites are pre-selected by the editors.

6.1. All participants agree that all the photos submitted to the contest can be reproduced (marked with the copyright of the photographer) and used to conduct and promote the Y Grant and Gallery Visual Culture competitions. You hereby grant Y Grant and Gallery Visual Culture the right to use the photographs presented as part of such promotional events.

7.1. You acknowledge that Y Grant and Gallery Visual Culture, as well as their event partners, are not responsible for any misuse of images.

8.1. Y Grant is not responsible for any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information caused by users of the site or any equipment or programs related to or used in the Competition. Y Grant is not responsible for any technical, hardware or software malfunctions of any kind, for loss of network connections, distorted computer transmissions, other problems or technical malfunctions due to a competition. Y The grant is not responsible for any errors, omissions, damage, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, communication line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access, or alteration of records. Y Grant is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, computer equipment, software, failure of any email addressed to Y Grant due to technical problems, human errors or traffic jams in The internet. or on any website, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to your computer or that of any other person, or as a result of participation or downloading of any materials in the competition. If for any reason the participant’s photo cannot be viewed according to the plan, including computer virus infection, errors, fakes, unauthorized interference, fraud or technical malfunctions, Y Grant does not bear any responsibility, including any injury or damage to your computer or computer any other person associated with the participation or downloading of any materials in the competition or as a result of their participation.

9.1. In no case shall Y Grant, its participants, event partners or its officers, directors, employees be liable for any damage or loss of any kind, including direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages incurred by any participant in the competition. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, everything on the Site is provided “as is”, without any warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of commercial value, fitness for use for its intended purpose or use or without violation.

10.1. You agree to participate in advertising and use your name and images for advertising, promotion, and advertising Y Grant and Gallery Visual Culture without additional compensation.