Mikhail Potapov
Jury | Russia

Potapov Mikhail artist-philosopher. Professional curator of the exclusive art gallery number 1 in the world “1x.com” (gallery.1x.com). Over the past three years he has received more than 80 awards: titles, medals, honorable mentions in prestigious international competitions. His works are published in foreign books, magazines and catalogs, and are also the property of private collections. Participant and finalist of international art festivals, exhibitions held in France, Austria, Australia, Italy, Indonesia and Hong Kong. His words: “If you are not doing anything original, then you are not doing anything!”

Elena Sukhoveeva
Jury | Russia

Elena Sukhoveeva (b. 1961, Krasnodar) – artist, photographer, curator. She graduated from the Krasnodar Art College in 1980. and the Krasnodar Academy of Art and Industry in 2004. Book designer. Since 1998 he has been working with Victor Hmel. They jointly manage the educational and exhibition center “On Kulichikah” (Krasnodar). Solo and group exhibitions of Elena and Victor were held in Russia, Romania, Germany. The works are in the collection of the Moscow House of Photography, the Russian Museum and private collections in St. Petersburg, Vienna, Basel. At the School of New Photography, he conducts courses and workshops on the history and theory of photography and art, as well as on the self-promotion of the photographer in the art market.

Victor Khmel
Jury | Russia

Victor Khmel (b.1948, Kaliningrad region) – photo artist, designer. He graduated from Kuban State University in 1973 and cameraman courses in 1971. He teaches at the Krasnodar State University of Culture (Department of Design, specializing in photo design). At the School of New Photography, the course Composition in Photography is taught.

Ershova Natalia
Jury | Russia

Ershova Natalia was born in 1988 in Moscow. Graduated from the Russian State Humanitarian University (Russian State University for the Humanities) with a degree in journalism. She studied at the copyright school of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel in 2016-2017. I study at ISI 2018-2020 and DocDocDoc 2019-2020. Exhibitions were held in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, France. She won the prize for first place at the X International Competition of Youth Photography “Young People in the XXI Century 2018”, she also entered the short list of the prestigious French festival Prix Levallois. The works were published in Russian Reporter (Russia), Society (France), LAMONO magazine (Spain), Novaya Gazeta (Russia), REGNUM (Russia), Edge of Humanity Magazine, Bird in Flight (Ukraine).

Ivan Pushkin
Jury | Russia

Ivan Pushkin (b. 1988) is Russian visual artist working at the intersection of photography, digital art and media installations. He graduated from Maxim Gorky Literature Institute and the School of Photography of Elena Sukhoveeva and Victor Khmel (2014-2015) and studied a course New Art Strategies of the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2018-2019). His works had been exhibited at personal and group exhibitions, art performances and international festivals in Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Austria.

Jury | Russia

Harinova Ulyana Alekseevna. Born and lives in the city of Kirov. Portrait and family photography photographer. She studied at the creative course at the Marusina Workshop 2015. Repeated winner of the B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION in the nominations “Portrait” and “FINE ART”, the Best Family Photo 2 international contest, the winner of the prestigious TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT photo contest, a member of the Russian Union of Photo Artists, speaker of photo festivals in St. Petersburg and Sochi, founder of the course on subtleties portrait shooting “Feeling the skin.”

Andrey Semenov
Jury | Russia

Andrey Semenov is an artist-photographer who works with documentary and art photography and video. Originally from Kostroma (b. 1976), the artist is now based in Moscow. He studied mathematics at Kazan State University (Russia) and photography at the school of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel (Krasnodar, Russia).

Andrey Semenov works with long-term projects focused on the relationship of man with the environment and space, in the broad sense of the word – the state, nature, people and himself.

His works were exhibited and published in Italy, Great Britain, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Russia and other countries of the world.

Alexander Vinogradov
Jury | Russia

Vinogradov Alexander – portrait photographer, winner of many international competitions, Photographer of the Year at the Sony World Photo Awards, title Opening of the year at the International Photo Awards, professional Sony Alpha, affiliate partner of Capture One.

Alexander Schönberg

Alexander Schönberg is an international photographer focusing on fineart, street and portrait photography based in Hamburg, Germany. He has participated in exhibitions in Venice, Milan, Arles, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg for the past 3 years and has won numerous prestigious international awards. In 2019 he was selected for the jury of the “35 photo award”.

Svetlana Belomestnykh
Jury | Russia

“Svetlana Belomestnykh (born in 1989, St. Petersburg) – photo editor. She graduated from the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, as well as the Glinka Art School. In 2013-2015 – the author and editor of the site about the galleries of St. Petersburg, in 2015-2017 she worked at the Institute of Psychoanalysis, since 2017 – the only and still unchanged art editor of the Regnum news agency. In 2017, she took part in the discussion of the round table of the Presidential Library named after B.N. Photoparade to Uglich “.

Maria Sakvarelidze
Jury | Russia

Fashion photo & video producer, picture editor,  jewelry and watches editor, international photographer focusing on fashion, extreme sports and art photography.

Maria worked for numerous fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Russia (print & digital), Marie Claire (Russia), GRAZIA (digital), WEDDING Magazine, VMODE Magazine, Swiss Health Magazine, FLACON Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine (Germany), Yoko Magazine (France)

Her photos are published in Harper’s Bazaar (Russia), Cosmopolitan (Russia), Grazia (UK), WEDDING Magazine (Russia), VMODE Magazine (Russia), Scorpio Jin (USA) National Geographic (Digital), Vertykalniy Mir Magazine, Risk, Ski. Горные лыжи, WeSki (France), BonDiaAruba (Aruba), Yes! (Russia), L’EXPRESS (France) and others.

Marina Kazakova
Jury | Italy

Marina Kazakova was born in the Soviet Union and never lived in one place for more than five years, constantly moving through the republics of the USSR, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia and finally Italy.

She began to study photography on her own since 2014.

Has an incomplete higher education in journalism. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia since 2015.

Winner of many international awards and exhibitions.

Olga Merrill
Jury | USA

Olga Merrill is a visual artist primarily using the medium of photography.  Photography was a hobby for her father, and she remembers the smell of chemicals from being with him in his darkroom. Who knew that after more than 35 years from her first brief touch of photography, she would become an artist and visual art started playing a significant role in her life. Olga is a participant and finalist in many national and international contests.

 Her works have been shown at Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, USA, Foto- Foto Gallery, Huntington, NY, USA, Malta Postal Museum, Vallette, Malta, Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy, PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, Budapest, Hungary and many other galleries around the United States and in Europe. Her works have been featured in l’Oeil de la Photographie, Dodho and YourdDailyPhotograph among others. 

Natasha Sharapova

Natasha Sharapova (b. 1986, Moscow) is a documentary photographer, passionate picture editor and project producer in «Novaya Gazeta». Worked as a photo editor in the business newspaper «Vedomosti». Made several documentary projects in Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The projects were shortlisted in contests and participated in exhibitions in Russia and Georgia. Attended the workshops of Andrey Polikanov, George Pinkhassov, Igor Mukhin, Sergei Maksimishin and graduated from the school of modern photography «Docdocdoc». Author of the project «Bild Inside».